XAN Token Bridges Gap Between Blockchain and Commodity Market


XAN is a new project that aims at bridging the blockchain and the commodity market for faster acquisition of Xanthohumol. Any XAN token holder can exchange their tokens for a certain amount of Xanthohumol. 

Xanthohumol is a product of Xanto, a Poland-based company whose popularity anchors on producing premium quality Xanthohumol. The company is now using cryptocurrency to back its business and enable faster and cheaper product distribution to its consumers. 

In July 2021, Xanto received the prestigious ‘Made in Poland’ 2021 award during the ‘Made in Poland’ Congress. The company received a commendation for its significant impact on the Polish economy by producing high-quality Polish products for the international market. In this spirit, the XAN token aims to push the distribution of Xanthohumol even further into the global stage as anyone can adopt the  tokens and exchange them for Xanthohumol. 

There are other nominations and commendations in line for Xanto for 2021 only. Such high recognition signals an undeniably bright future for Xanto and the XAN token. Thus, this global recognition  assures people of the product’s  value. 

As per the recent announcement from the XAN CEO, Mr. Tomasz Tokarski, the token promotion period is live after a successful launch, 15th September 2021. The token price starts at $2 for the first week and is expected to grow to a standard $7 price in 24 weeks. Definitely, the early buyers will have the advantage of getting more tokens at a lower price and then sell them later when the price rises. Since it’s a utility token for purchasing Xanthohumol, XAN token holders with more tokens will have a chance to get more Xanthohumol. 

The robust TRON ecosystem provides a secure environment to buy, hold, and sell XAN tokens. The efficiency and scalability of the TRON blockchain are unmatched. Also, the transaction cost  is incredibly low compared to other blockchains. No wonder more projects are choosing TRON for their growth. 

Since the XAN token is also built on the TRON blockchain, the possibility for tremendous growth is high. During the token promotion period, anyone can buy the tokens on Tronlink.org or simply visit the XAN token official website for a link to buy. 

The concept of XAN tokens culls from the physical trade market, where people would exchange goods for other goods. This aspect of trade has eroded over time, thanks to the centralized nature of financial exchanges where banks and other financial institutions control the exchange. 

Emerging Commodity Decentralized Exchange (EMCODEX) now backs innovative tokens like XAN and empowers them so that it’s easy to sell even products that would be naturally difficult to sell. EMCODEX allows seamless trading by pairing cryptocurrency with commodities under its umbrella. In practical terms, XAN tokens are paired with the commodity, Xanthohumol for a fast exchange. 

The whole process involves other blockchain protocols like forward contracts for a standardized price settlement. XAN allows flexibility in choosing the type of contract depending on your preferences and price estimations. Think of it as a straight pass to true financial freedom and the confidence to get the commodity you want on your own terms. 

Today, Xanthohumol’s global price averages at $50 per 1mg. But, with XAN tokens, you can get 1mg of Xanthohumol at $2. This is the best deal there could ever be. You only need to buy the XAN tokens from https://xan.to/xan-tokens/.