Wikimedia will continuously accept donations in crypto

Wikimedia will continuously accept donations in crypto 2

Wikimedia foundation confirmed that they will continuously accept payments in crypto assets despite huge pressure to stop using crypto as an option.

Wikimedia Foundation is a non-profit organization and this platform is like Wikipedia, which is inclined to provide better information and knowledge to the internet world.

Around a few days ago, a few people raised their voices against the Wikimedia Foundation because of crypto adoption to accept donations. The whole concern was against the high consumption of energy by the blockchain Networks, which causes huge environmental issues. 

At that time, the Wikimedia foundation confirmed that they will take suitable decision on this proposal but they will research this proposal, whether the community is right or not. And also Foundation confirmed that they will not consider the majority of the community support for this proposal.

Elise Flick, Wikimedia Foundation executive, shared the thought of the foundation with Cointelegraph, a crypto news website. Flick said that the foundation aimed to raise donations from the whole world and the use of crypto assets to accept donations is a better option for this foundation. 

“We want to be as inclusive as possible, and allow people to contribute with the method they feel most comfortable with.”

The flick also noted that the option of cryptocurrencies was enabled because of the demand by crypto donors to the Wikimedia Foundation. 

The Senior Community Relations Specialist from Wikimedia Foundation,  Julia Brungs, also responded against the original proposal, that was started to stop accepting crypto donations. 

Julia said that the Wikimedia foundation is only accepting Bitcoin, not holding. Foundation converts the Bitcoin donation funds directly into fiat (US dollar) and this is not causing an impact on the environment. 

“We have never held cryptocurrency, and spot-convert donations daily into fiat currency (USD), which doesn’t have a significant environmental impact.”

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