Walmart Board Director says crypto is powerful and constructive technology

Walmart Board Director says crypto is powerful and constructive technology 2

Tom Horton believes that the Crypto & Blockchain industry will go far beyond the traditional Bank system. is a popular non-custodial crypto web wallet and it was earlier known as Bitcoin only Bitcoin wallet but its current services are supportive to multiple crypto-assets and also this platform is testing its NFTs platform powered by OpenSea. Tom Horton is one of the significant & new board members of 

Tom is the independent lead director of Walmart also. Recently he shared his thought with the blockwork, crypto news website and appreciated the crypto and blockchain as a best alternative to the traditional financial system. 

Tom said that crypto & blockchain is still in the initial phase because traditional banks are now starting to link their services with cryptocurrencies because of the huge potential of this blockchain & crypto industry.

“Major institutions and traditional banks are also engaging with crypto,” Tom said. “But it’s clear this is a powerful and constructive technology with enormous growth potential over the next few years and beyond.”

Tom also noted that scrutinises will keep evolving against this industry, so it will result in some shift in the use cases of the NFTs, blockchain technology with other ways to derive better adoption to this sector. 

“NFTs to gaming and sports to supply chain, Tom said. “Consumer interest is strong and that helps drive new vectors of innovation and adoption.”

Walmart director also believes that the potential of this industry will blow toward new heights, that will push the adoption of this sector beyond Banks, Fintech and also e-commerce platforms. 

“The more I learn, I see blockchain technologies as another great enabler, much like the internet was in its early days,” Tom said. “The enthusiasm and pace of innovation in this new ecosystem is astonishing, which, at its core, strikes me as being about freedom and removing friction.”

Besides all these appreciations, Tom openly said that it is important for us to understand this technology more deeply to understand how it works. It will derive more adoption with trust.

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