Visa joined the popular NFT mania CryptoPunk

Visa joined the popular NFT mania CryptoPunk 3

The giant payment service, Visa, finally got into the NFTs market. Visa bought a NFTs Avatar at CryptoPunk.

In this year, Visa has established lots of partnerships and acquisition of companies & firms to bring a huge revolution in their services through the adoption of crypto in their financial infrastructure. Now they are getting into NFTs and getting huge attention from the crypto community.

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Visa bought one of the most popular CryptoPunk NFTs. This was the first ever NFTs purchase of Visa. Visa company bought an Avatar generator CryptoPunk 7610, paid around $150,000. Since there were lots of auction prices to buy, but Visa grabbed the deal.

Firm didn’t buy this NFTs item directly, they did under the partnership with Anchorage. 

For Anchorage, it was also a first ever NFTs purchase. And also it became the first ever U.S bank to provide custody for the NFTs item. 

Visa joined the popular NFT mania CryptoPunk 2

CryptoPunk is a blue-chip NFT and right now the whole sale of CryptoPunk in NFTs art sales has reached to around $752 million.

The head of the crypto at Visa, Cuy Sheffield, stated on this purchase 

“We think that NFTs are going to play a really important role in the future of retail and social media, entertainment and commerce. So we wanted to understand firsthand what it takes to acquire, custody, and interact with an NFT. We’ve worked with Anchorage to do this so that we can build the expertise and be better positioned to help clients navigate this space.”

Reportedly, Visa company is planning to buy NFTs art from the collection of Metaverse and also some other NFTs artwork. 

“In the same way Visa’s been here through shifts of commerce before, we’re really excited to help drive this new shift of commerce in the future.” The company also plans to purchase more NFTs.”

These types of key moments indicate that the trend of NFTs concept to use a token is still not over. And there are many things that we have to see.

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