US official to introduce a bill to prevent govt from Canada like crackdown

US official to introduce a bill to prevent govt from Canada like crackdown 2

A US lawmaker introduced a bill to prohibit government agencies from influencing the crypto and crypto accounts of the citizens under critical situations. 

In the past, we saw huge protests in Canada against the Canadian government by their local citizens. However, to some extent, the government was right but also at some points Protesters were right, so they were trying to fight legally for their rights. To stop the protests, the Convoy freedom campaign, the government imposed Emergency Act and also froze bank accounts and Centralized crypto accounts to prohibit support for the protestors. 

In response to such actions, Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas, decided to take a better initiative to support the citizens’ power against government agencies with his newly drafted bill.

On 28 February, Politico published a report and confirmed that Ted Cruz introduced a bill by quoting the Ottawa incident and claimed that Digital assets (cryptocurrencies) are a supporting element to the freedom of citizens because these are not under the authority or control of any government agency.

Ted said: 

“There is a reason these petty authoritarians around the world hate Bitcoin and crypto: They can’t control it. The playbook of the modern radical left is that if you don’t comply, they’re willing to destroy your reputation and your finances.”

Convoy freedom campaign

In the Convoy freedom campaign, many citizens of Canada were involved. In the very starting, they grabbed better support from traditional crowdfunding platforms but later due to government pressure, the campaign failed to get support from any of the crowdfunding platforms.

Later Protestors took the support from the crypto crowdfunding platforms but later the government ordered Centralized crypto services to stop the support to the protestors through any way of Funding or involvement support. 

After that, Protestors took the help of self-custodial wallets to get funding support. 

These things are showing that crypto assets are not only assets to trade but can be used under a very critical situation to get support from anywhere in the world.

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