The former Facebook employee feels lucky for crypto-investment

woman in crypto

A former Facebook employee became a whistleblower and claimed that it was a crypto investment that is supporting me in this situation.

The whole world knows about Facebook and its Deim network project. But in the present time, Facebook is not in a high-level position like Twitter. And all because of its past suspicious activities and allegations raised against the Facebook company to sell the data & information of their users. 

In the latest, Frances Haugen became a whistleblower. In the past, Haugen worked at Facebook in the post of product manager. She revealed many things about Facebook. Haugen claimed that Facebook is only looking at the profit and they don’t care about the well-being of children and all users.”

The conversation also touched on the allegation on Facebook raised by experts that Facebook had some kind of influence in the presidential election of 2016 United States. Allegedly Facebook was involved with the Russian agencies. 

In the follow-up interview, Haugen revealed that her situation is good in Puerto Rico and all is because of crypto. She added 

“For the foreseeable future, I’m fine, because I did buy crypto at the right time.”

However, Haugen received financial support from eBay CEO Pierre Omidyar’s organisation NPO. Haugen claimed that financial support by the organisation is only helping her in travelling and related expenses. And right now crypto is a supportive element in the financial condition of her life. 

Facebook not getting support

Recently Facebook’s Blockchain subsidiary launched crypto Novi wallet in the US but they are not getting better support. US senator Elizabeth Warren along with 4 other Senators sent a letter to Facebook and urged them to stop their crypto-related operations. 

While the situation for Facebook seems not trying to trust the Facebook company. Most of the people are raising issues and claiming that Facebook will only use the data of the users. 

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