StarkWare planning to Launch Layer 3 on Ethereum

StarkWare planning to Launch Layer 3 on Ethereum 2

StarkWare company revealed that the company is already working to bring a layer3 scaling solution on the Ethereum blockchain network. 

In the present time, the Polygon network is popularly known to work on the Layer2 scaling integration on the Ethereum blockchain network. However there are a few crypto projects, which are also working on Layer2, but they are not getting better attention, whatever may be the reason but here Layer3 scaling solution will be a new option for Ethereum. 

StarkWare is popularly known as a scaling solution provider crypto project and this is dedicated to the Ethereum blockchain network scaling development work. Now, StarkWare is planning a Layer3 scaling solution. 

As per the plan of StarkWare, Developers will deploy the off-chain computational layer on Layer2, Starknet. 

The third layer will work on the Starknet to provide a hyperscaling solution and further lower the gas fees of the Ethereum blockchain network.

StarkWare developer team also planning to work on layer4 and they are still considering many things to ensure whether the network needed Layer4 or not. However, if they will introduce Layer4, then that will give quadratic scalability.

Due to this new development work, popular DAps like dYdX, Immutable, and DeversiFi are also planning to get shifted to the Layer3. 

The head of the StarkWare, Gidi Kaempfer, explained all about it and how it will work. Gidi said that developers will attach a verifier smart contract on the Layer3 chain. verifier contract will ensure the sanctity of data transactions and trust between layers 1 and 3. 

Now with this announcement, StarkWare became the first crypto project to introduce the plan of Layer3 scaling solution. In the last month of this year, StarkWare raised more than $50 million in the C fundraising round. 

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