Shiba Inu Now Supported by Avalanche Bridge

Shiba Inu Now Supported by Avalanche Bridge 2

Avalanche announced to add support for the Dogecoin rival, Shiba inu meme token.

After the shoutout of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Shiba inu grabbed huge attention and surge by price in the crypto space and also continuously grabbed better support from the crypto-related services in this space. Shiba inu coin is trying to make space in every crypto project day by day. However, this coin is a meme coin and has no real-life use case purpose like other crypto projects. 

In the latest, Avalanche announced that they will add support for the Shiba inu coin. Avalanche will allow the transfer of Shiba inu coin in between Avalanche and Ethereum blockchain network easily. 

Avalanche is a crypto project, launched in July by Ava Lab. The native token of Avalanche is AVAX. This coin has its position at the rank of 12th and sometimes at the 13th rank also. 

In November, Shiba inu meme coin and AVAX were doing a competition to get the 12th position i.e there was neck to neck competition. 

Recently, Emin Gün- CEO at Ava Lab said that Shiba is a zero-sum game. And the best-performing cryptocurrency of this year is not his cup of tea, so indirectly said that Shiba inu is not in his portfolio.

Shiba on Bitstamp 

On 9 December, Bitstamp crypto exchange also announced that they will add support for the Shiba inu token before Christmas Eve.

These listings and support for the Shiba inu coin showed that Shiba has a better future in terms of trading assets. The Shiba inu team is also trying to make the Shiba project better with proper use cases. 

Recently, Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba inu coin proponent, announced through Twitter that they are in talks with the gaming industry’s experts to bring Game on the Shiba decentralized blockchain network. 

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