Shiba inu beats Bitcoin on Coinmarketcap: Report

Shiba inu beats Bitcoin on Coinmarketcap: Report 4

Popular Dogecoin rival Shiba inu meme coin replaced Bitcoin on the coinmarketcap, in terms of most viewed crypto assets. 

Shiba inu is a meme coin and this coin grabbed huge attention in the crypto industry after the tweet of Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Shiba inu. However, Elon personally doesn’t hold Shiba but he has a bag of Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

 The whole 2021 was full of trends with Dogecoin and Shiba but now both of these coins are not getting better support in terms of price. In particular, Shiba inu is down by more than 40% over the last 30 days.

The popularity of the Shiba inu coin surged because of the retail traders and some popular crypto influencers, who announced to go with the Shiba inu coin trend. For example, Pac Protocol co-founder David Gokhstein said that they will go with Shiba because it is in trend and also later David revealed that he made much profit from Shiba inu coin. 

Due to huge popularity, many crypto traders added this coin to the watchlist on the crypto Assets price tracking app & website Coinmarketcap. 

According to available data on 25 December, Shiba inu became the top coin in the list of top watched coins in the crypto market. Shib inu coin grabbed a total of 188,019,378 views. After Shiba, Bitcoin was at second place.

At present, Shiba is at 13th rank in the crypto market by trading volume. But still, it grabbed the number one position, which is strange and it indicates that there are still huge opportunities to come in this industry because of this coin.

Dogecoin grabbed a total of 107 million views, while Bitcoin grabbed around 145 million views. After these, Cardano and Ethereum projects grabbed 4th and 5th position in terms of views on CMC.

Shiba surge on Social media 

If we talk about the surge in popularity and discussion about the Shiba coin, then Shiba is also in top position.

On twitter’s social media platform, it grabbed around 16000% surge in popularity and discussion. This record is not limited to the Twitter Platform, but also this coin grabbed the attention of other social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit. 

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