Senator Ted Cruz explains why he loves Bitcoin

Senator Ted Cruz explains why he loves Bitcoin 2

A US Senator stated that a better thing with bitcoin is its decentralized nature. 

In the present time, Bitcoin is only the most trusted crypto asset. After bitcoin, there are multiple options and the majority of them are just part of timing-based opportunities, where no one can predict the future easily. But here Bitcoin significantly plays a vital role under such situations, where safe investors don’t need to consider the perfect one crypto because they have bitcoin as a top priority option. The craze of Bitcoin is not only limited to retail investors but also among government officials. 

Ted Cruz, an old member of the Republican party, recently passed his statement in Bitcoin support. He said that Bitcoin is decentralized which is out of the control of any government agency. 

According to the point of view of Ted Cruz, no one can control Bitcoin-like assets and that was the big reason for China to ban the crypto industry. 

Ted also noted that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren disrespected Bitcoin for the same reason. 

“The Chinese communists and Elizabeth Warren both want to control your assets, your savings, your speech, your life, your children, every decision.”

In the past, Senator Elizabeth passed many negative comments on the crypto industry. Once she stated that Bitcoin-like assets are highly opaque and volatile and also urged the lawmakers to introduce comprehensive rules. 

Ted quoted the recent Convoy freedom campaign and action of the Canadian government against the protestors and stated how these things are helpful for people under such situations because of self-custodial digital wallets. 

So Ted also believes that besides the Bitcoin-like decentralized crypto assets reach, there are decentralized services that are giving a better Ecosystem for people to remain under full freedom outside the centralized system.

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