Rich Dad Poor Dad author says the US Sliding Into Depression After Giant Crash

Rich Dad Poor Dad author says the US Sliding Into Depression After Giant Crash 2

Robert Kiyosaki shared his stance on the near future crash and claimed that the US is sliding into depression. And after the crash, they will slide more. 

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad ” Book. In 1997, the book was Co-authored by Robert and after that, they got huge attention from the whole world, where they hit their record by selling 32 million copies in 109 countries. Robert has a huge interest in stock, real-estate and traditional assets investments like Gold & silver. In recent years, Robert showed his bullish nature in Bitcoin investment.

On 29 October, Robert Kiyosaki tweeted 

“Biden & Fed RIPPING OFF POOR PEOPLE. The US is sliding into depression. BIDEN & FED need inflation to prevent New Depression. Inflation rips off the poor.  Inflation makes the rich richer. Biden and the Fed are corrupt. Prepare Giant crash then-new depression.  Be smart Buy, gold, silver Bitcoin”

Through the tweet, Robert explained that the US is facing pressure against inflation and the Fed will try to recover from this depression by more inflation and will make the US slide again in more inflation. 

Rober also claimed that whole things will make rich people richer. And further suggested to all the people to be ready against such a situation & gives the advice to buy Gold, Silver & Bitcoin. 

Jack Dorsey on inflation 

This is not the first time that the matter of inflation has been discussed by a popular personality on Twitter. Before this, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, shared his stance on inflation. 

Jack Dorsey claimed that inflation will change everything and it is already doing. Further in another tweet response, he said that it will first take place in the US. 

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