Opera will integrate the Solana crypto project in its browser

Opera will integrate the Solana crypto project in its browser 2

Opera announced that it will integrate the ecosystem of the Solana network.

Day by day, the Solana project is getting better support from the other crypto projects and tech innovations. And the whole reason is the solution of Solana over all the traditional blockchain technology. 

On 10 December, the team of Opera browser announced the integration plan of the Solana project. 

“Opera joins forces with @Solana!🚀 The integration will enable Opera Android users to enjoy seamless access to Solana DApps alongside low-fees and fast transactions within the ecosystem”

This initiative of the Opera team to integrate Solana will take place next year by the first quarter. After the integration, all the Opera users, whether they are opera desktop users or mobile users, will be able to access all the benefits of the Solana network and based ecosystem Dapps without any restriction. 

In 2018, Opera browser already stated that they are looking to work in the development works to integrate the blockchain and web3 based technology. So this initiative of Opera to integrate Solana is not much surprising. 

After the announcement of Solana integration, many people expected that Opera’s share price would increase but did not happen. Opera’s stock closed on Friday with a -4.36 plunge. 

Brave browser to integrate Solana 

Opera browser is not the first to bring the idea to integrate Solana. Before this privacy-inclined Brave browser announced that it will integrate the Solana ecosystem fully. 

Right now development work on the Solana integration in Brave is going on and it would like to be done at the beginning of next year. 

Now it will be interesting to see if other leading browsers ( like chrome) will consider integrating Solana or another blockchain network or not because this is just a part of a trend, if anyone will start then others will also follow the same. 

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