NYC Mayor says I support cryptocurrency, not crypto mining

NYC Mayor says I support cryptocurrency, not crypto mining 2

A crypto-friendly Mayor turned to crypto haters by stating against the Bitcoin mining operations. 

Eric Adam is the current Mayor of New York City. In November, Eric announced that he will receive his paychecks in Bitcoin. It was a political strategy but still, it was enough for the crypto community because the NYC Mayor officially announced the conversion of his first paycheck in Bitcoin & Ethereum in the third week of January of this year. 

In talking in the local government budget hearing with elected officials in Albany, Eric clearly said that he is not in support of Bitcoin mining however he supports cryptocurrencies. 

“I support cryptocurrency, not crypto mining.”

Dr. Anna Kelles, Assemblymember at New York State, appreciated the statement of the NYC mayor to give his statement to distinguish crypto and crypto mining. Anna said that NYC can be a hub of cryptocurrency even without supporting the crypto assets which are impacting the environment’s health. 

Several leaders of the hearing shared their tension about the risk of the adoption of the crypto industry in NYC. 

However respected Eric is right at his position but it was a highly negative statement against Bitcoin support because this is only bitcoin, which is consuming huge mining energy, so here Mayor is trying to play both sides to adopt the industry. There was a need for the statement to support Bitcoin mining with renewable energy sources, or it was better to ignore this matter. 

A bitcoiner shared his stance on this statement of the NYC Mayor and claimed it’s shameful.

A nonprofit organization, Seneca Lake Guardian, responded to this comment of Eric Adams against the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining operations. And sated: 

“Bitcoin mining could cost New Yorkers millions of dollars in energy bills while kneecapping local businesses, poisoning our water, and filling our air with deadly CO2 emissions.”

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