Now Binance if free from the radar of U.K’s Regulators

Now Binance if free from the radar of U.K's Regulators 2

After two months, Binance exchange settled all issues which were raised by the Financial conduct authority of the UK.

Around 2 month ago, FCA raised an issue against Binance exchange and after that regulators of all other countries started to take action & raise warning against Binance by taking the reference of FCA. 

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Recently, Binance exchange said that they want to become a globally licensed exchange and after that Binance started to change many things in their services so that they can make their platform better & ideal from the point of view of regulators of different countries. 

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Now on 25 August, Binance team informed to their followers through a tweet they are now they are free from any kind of problem with the FCA. 

The CEO of Binance also attached the updated page of the FCA, where everything is mentioned about the case of Binance with FCA. Check here 

The CEO of Binance also said on twitter that slowly but surely, they probably tried to indicate their struggle to prove themself right at their place. 

The main issue of the FCA was against the Binance to operate their services in the UK through the subsidiary Binance group, since at time Binance Exchange denied that they don’t own any kind of authorisation of Binance group in U.K. Well now this thing is clear by FCA and they accepted the statement of Binance after the whole Investigation.

But still here problem for Binance exchange is not over because there are many countries where regulators are still doing Investigation against Binance. But surely this result of FCA Investigation will help Binance to prove their services ideal in another countries.

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