NFTs focussed gaming project of Twitch co-founder launched

NFTs focussed gaming project of Twitch co-founder launched 2

Gaming platform focused on the NFTs based initiative, Fractal, finally launched. 

Fractal is an NFTs focused gaming platform that was founded by some entrepreneurs and Justin Kan. Justin Kan is co-founder of the Twitch platform.  

A few weeks ago, we reported about the Fractal concept. In that report, we explained that Fractal is a gaming platform that enables users to use the NFTs items to buy and sell directly to each other. This platform is fully focused on the use case of NFTs. 

Fractal- Gaming-focused NFTs, primary and secondary NFTs marketplace, has been successfully launched by Justin Kan and Robin Chan, David Wurtz, and Mike Angell. The platform has been live since 30 December 2021. 

This is the first gaming platform in the gaming industry, which is using a real use case of NFTs. On this platform, all the gaming companies are allowed to mint their NFTs collectibles items that can be used by the Game players in the game. On one side the company will be able to sell the game-related items for the character and on the other hand game players will be able to sell their NFTs collectibles game items to each other in the P2P mode on the platform.

This is a much better idea of the Twitch co-founder because all the existing traditional games don’t have such kinds of options to allow the users to sell their NFTs items to other people. 

Now it will give an advantage to all those gamers, who will quit gaming activities. But on the same side, they will be able to get their money back for the items that they purchased to use in the game, which is not possible for all games which are not linked with the Fractal concept. 

These types of initiatives are showing that the NFTs concept, which took birth in the crypto industry, is still a better thing and probably there are many types of things available in this world, where we can use NFTs to bring more benefits and advantages. 

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