Mobile messaging app Jabber will be hosted by Solana

Mobile messaging app Jabber will be hosted by Solana 4

Solana is going to be a backend blockchain decentralized technology for a mobile messaging app that will make the social media platform decentralized. 

This year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Bitcoin made the internet decentralized and Twitter will make a special media network decentralized. To make his commitment into reality, he introduced the Bitcoin tipping feature on Twitter. 

If we look at the idea of the Twitter CEO to integrate the social platform with the Bitcoin blockchain, then it was cool. But in actuality, this idea didn’t do a great job because there are many countries where the Bitcoin tipping feature is not allowed. Maybe they will introduce something new, but for now, they have no pending plans over Twitter and Bitcoin integration.

Besides all these, the Solana project is going to complete the commitment of the Twitter CEO by giving a new use case to the social media messaging platform. 

On 26 November, Bonfida announced the launch of their Jabber messaging platform on the Solana network. For both Android and iOS users. 

Because of the Solana blockchain integration, Jabber will allow its users to send and receive encrypted messages and also users will be able to use the tipping feature. 

Besides these things, Jabber users will be able to monetize their accounts with Solana’s help per message. 

However, currently, messages of the Jabber platform are not encrypted and, also this service will not remain available in the UK and USA because of regulatory concerns. 

After the Solana integration initiative, Jabber joined the list of high-level social media platforms like Telegram, Reddit, Twitter Spaces. 

Before this, Solana and Brave Browser announced their plan of introduction of Solana wallet directly in the Brave browser and also dapps based on the Solana ecosystem. However complete integration of Solana in Brave will take place in 2022. 

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