Mirror Trading International Ponzi scheme’ CEO arrested in Brazil

Mirror Trading International Ponzi scheme' CEO arrested in Brazil 2

The chief executive officer of a high-level Bitcoin Ponzi scheme Mirror Trading International detained by military police of Brazil. 

Police and the Rapid Ostensive Intervention Group of the capital city of Goiás in Brazil successfully detained the Chief executive operator and owner of the Mirror Trading International (MIT) crypto Ponzi scheme.

Brandon Topham was informed about this action of the authority to detain this fraud scheme runner. Brandon is head of enforcement financial watchdog in South Africa. 

Steynberg was on the radar of the FBI and Interpol before his arrest. The enforcement departments were already informed by the big investigation agencies that a person is using fake documents and also facilitated illicit activities like the bitcoin Ponzi scheme in 2020. After all this information and orders, Steynberg was on the top of the radar of enforcement agencies in South Africa and this Ponzi scheme runner was labelled as most wanted. 

When police caught this guy then he showed fake documents but the police department was already informed that he is using fake documents. On 29 December the police department arrested and handed over this fraudster to the Federal Police’s superintendence in Goiás.

Goiás military police officially stated: 

“The criminal was presented to the PF Superintendence to fulfil the international arrest warrant and fine for the crime of using a false document”

The Governor of the Goiás province also stated that all these are not part of the government to play with illicit people or bad actors, but also police officers have full freedom to work against illicit activities so that crimes can be kicked out from the country.

Mirror Trading International Scam

MTI was a popular scam in 2020. Through this Ponzi scheme, its owner Steynberg grabbed around 29000 Bitcoins. This scheme was giving a 10% monthly return to people for their investment.

But when MTI started to stop the withdrawal and also its owner disappeared from every social presence, then many people from different countries reported about this Ponzi scheme.

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