Mexican billionaire says buy Bitcoin, instead sell

Mexican billionaire says buy Bitcoin, instead sell 2

Ricardo Salinas suggested people go with Bitcoin with trust to hold instead of selling for small losses or profits. 

Ricardo Salinas is the third richest person in Mexico. He is a popular proponent of Bitcoin and also known as the biggest supporter of Bitcoin through his promise for his bank to allow the customers to buy Bitcoin with direct bank help instead of going anywhere. 

On 20 February, Ricardo quoted the tweet of Bitcoinmagazine and suggested people to buy Bitcoin in every correction of Bitcoin price. And also he said that people will thank him later if they do, and hinted that it will give a better return to the Bitcoin believers in the long run. 

This is not the first time when Ricardo supported bitcoin directly through a tweet. Earlier, he stated that Bitcoin is gold for this modern world, where you can use your digital gold directly. 

Pliego, the owner of Mexico’s Banco Azteca, believes in bitcoin more than fiat currencies. According to him, Bitcoin is much better than fiat currencies because fiat currencies can be printed in that number as much as we want but Bitcoin can’t be. He also noted that he already saw that the sovereign currency of his country faced 1,000 times corrections against the dollar, so this type of thinking is very common for him.

Government don’t like Bitcoin

Ricardo believes that people are in the trap of fiat currencies, so it will be better for them to get out to go with Bitcoin. He also thinks that governments will surely feel tensioned because of the adoption of Bitcoin against fiat currencies. 

“Governments don’t like bitcoin… it burns them that people can get out of their fiat trap, because that is what fiat money is, a fraud… the dollar as hard currency is a joke.”

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