Members of EOS dissatisfaction with former developer

Members of EOS dissatisfaction with former developer 2

The members of the EOS ecosystem do not agree with the operations of for the development and growth of the EOS blockchain ecosystem. 

EOS is a popular blockchain-based decentralized application powered platform and it came into existence in the crypto space before 2018. In the past, this coin surged by more with a $21 price but many people believe that the EOS’ team manipulated the price of the coin. While US regulators found that the sale of 900 million EOS tokens by the EOS during the ICO sale was unregistered Securities.  Due to these allegations, EOS got threatened by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and in the final decision, EOS paid $24 million as a settlement fine to the SEC agency. After such legal hurdles, the growth of EOS came down. We can compare the old situation of EOS with Ripple. 

In the present time, EOS is not under any legal hurdle but the project needed a better push toward the adoption of its ecosystem. 

According to reports, the members of the EOS blockchain firm claimed that past developer company is not doing any development work for the EOS, so that team can push EOS toward another level just like other Crypto projects.  

Members also allegedly blamed that they are only doing money management, not development as per the roadmap of EOS. 

Yves La Rose was selected as CEO by the EOS team. Recently in a virtual conference, prepared by La Rose, explained the current situation of EOS by the development team of EOS and said 

“There’s no sugar-coating it, EOS, as it stands, is a failure. The last three years or so have been nothing but dwindling in terms of market cap and tier token value. When we look at EOS compared to the rest of other cryptos, especially in satoshi levels, EOS has been a terrible investment. It’s been a terrible financial, time and community investment. The reality is that many people no longer want to be associated with EOS because of its tarnished reputation. EOS, as it stands, is a failure.”

Further La Rose also explained that lost many key developers of the EOS project so the members of EOS can no longer rely on to follow the roadmap to bring development work in the EOSIO blockchain. In response to the statements of La Rose, block explorer said that the most prominent Dapp on the EOS blockchain ecosystem and all allegations are false.

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