Mark Cuban believes in Ethereum and Matic beside Bitcoin but…

Mark Cuban believes in Ethereum and Matic beside Bitcoin but... 2

Shark tank star revealed his two biggest investments in this crypto industry in two highly popular crypto assets. 

Mark Cuban is a successful businessman and also an entrepreneur. He is also one of the stars of Shark Tank. He is interested in the crypto industry with full faith. Mark himself revealed that he keeps doing research and analysis to figure out the best crypto asset and projects to invest funds in. 

In the latest interview, Mark Cuban revealed that he invested in Ethereum and Polygon’s matic coin in bulk because of better use cases of these two assets. 

Speaking in the interview with Crypto Banter, Mark said that he is holding huge Matic and Ethereum. 

Mark noted that Bitcoin is the best store of value but here Ethereum and Matic are something much different because of their use cases. 

“Bitcoin’s a great store of value, but Ethereum and Polygon that I both own a lot of, you can start to see the utility.”

Mark noted that many new applications (Dapps) are entering the crypto industry and the majority of them are going with the Ethereum blockchain network, regardless of high fees. And Polygon, like there are many projects but not the same as it. 

“You’re starting to see more and more applications pop up there, and we’ll see what happens with ETH 2.0 in terms of gas fees, and I think Polygon has done a great job, and you’ve got other blockchains trying to do the same thing.”

Mark Cuban noted that the majority of the blockchain networks are in a deadly war and all these things may not be going to be something better. 

“All the blockchains are kind of in a deadly war, trying to get users and applications.”

Shark tank star believes that there is a huge thing to happen in this industry. In particular, he noted that there are no better crypto-based Social media platforms. So he is looking for the same better crypto blockchain project also, which can help to give a mainstream blockchain technology based social media platform.

“What the hell is Instagram and then everybody got it. It went viral. We haven’t gotten that first viral mainstream crypto-based application yet.”

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