Justin Sun’s New Vision to Launch BitTorrent cross Chain platform

Justin Sun’s New Vision to Launch BitTorrent cross Chain platform 2

Justin finally revealed about his new project at which the Tron foundation and BitTorrent team will work efficiently to facilitate transactions to and fro Ethereum & BSC.

Justin Sun, Ceo and founder of Tron foundation and also many coins like SUN and exchanges like Justswap, informed their followers on twitter about their new initiative project to develop a cross chain platform.

According to the press related on Medium, the Team of tron foundation and the team of BitTorrent will work together and they will develop a project, BTTC on 31 October. So it will take around 2 month to complete the project. 

Under the development, they will integrate tron network in layer 1 & 2 network close loop. And this will help them to make a cross chain through BitTorrent. 

The new cross chain platform will be highly scalable and stable and alo compatible with EVM. It will enable Tron network to direct communication with the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Obviously it will allow transactions on tron to Ethereum and BSC chain with better efficiency.

Here many people think that there are huge chances that Justin Sun will give a new coin to this community with the name of a new project and probably the new coin name will be BTTC. Well here  we can’t say for sure because the decision of Justin Sun & implementation of the actual thing will reveal everything. 

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