IT worker to face 15 Years in Jail for Mining Bitcoin in the Office

IT worker to face 15 Years in Jail for Mining Bitcoin in the Office 2

A latest matter came from NewYork, where a man was running Bitcoin mining rigs illegally. 

Christopher Naples is an IT technician for Suffolk County in New York. Naples was running 46 mining rigs in the IT office. This guy was very clever, because on one side running mining Bitcoin operations illegally and on the other side hidded the rings underneath floorboards, so that no one could understand. 

Many times, other workers of the office complained about the low quality or some kind of issues in the AC, because the temperature of the room, which remains 20 degrees higher. And also reported many times that the internet speed is down. But later, Investigation revealed that Naples was behind all these things and he was doing Bitcoin mining, without knowing the other people in the office. 

According to the Prosecutors state, Timothy D. Sini, the Suffolk County district attorney, Naples used $6000 worth of public electricity and with the evasion of tax, he fooled the whole system and added  

“Not only do we have thousands of dollars of taxpayer money funding this operation, but it also put the county’s infrastructure at risk”

Right now this guy is  facing charges of public corruption, grand larceny, computer trespass, and official misconduct. And under these charges, Naples will live his life upto 15 years behind the bars. 

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