IOHK Successfully Implements Major Update in Cardano (ADA)

IOHK Successfully Implements Major Update in Cardano (ADA) 3

Input-output Hong Kong global (IOHK) successfully did its work to bring more optimization works in the Cardano Blockchain network. 

Cardano is a high-rated crypto project, known as a rival of Ethereum. However this blockchain enabled smart contract feature in September of last year but still, right now it is standing at second rank in the whole crypto industry as the biggest smart contract blockchain Network after Ethereum. 

On 14 February, the developer’s team behind the Cardano Blockchain network announced that they will introduce a very crucial important upgrade in the Cardano Blockchain network to increase its efficiency against the increasing traffic in the network. 

On 18 February, the developer team (IOHk) notified the Cardano community that they successfully did their work to increase the memory units limit for #Plutus scripts in the #Cardano manner and also said that they will continue to improve and optimize the Cardano network in future.

So, right now ADA coin is running on the updated Cardano network codebase but it is highly disappointing that the price of its native token ADA is not showing a better impact in this industry, however, its native token stands at 7th rank but still, it is low for a long time. 

At the time of writing this article, the price of the ADA coin is $0.99 and this price is 47% low over the last 90 days.

IOHK Successfully Implements Major Update in Cardano (ADA) 2

Probably these new development works have a much better potential for the future of the Cardano Blockchain network and its Ecosystem but the majority of the people are looking at the current trend, which are Web3, NFTs, blockchain gaming, and Metaverse. 

Almost all the trends are very far from this coin, so maybe this coin is not showing a better level of the pump. 

At present time, many speculations are going on about Cardano. Few experts claimed that Cardano’s ADA will cross $2 this year again. 

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