Instagram CEO says Company is working on NFTs integration

Instagram CEO says Company is working on NFTs integration 4

The chief executive officer shared development work on Instagram to integrate NonFungible collectibles.

In the past few years, Facebook ( which is meta now) showed huge inclination in the crypto and blockchain industry. In the very beginning, Facebook introduced his Libra coin and then many blockchain inclined development works. However, in the present time, the Libra coin project is halted by the company itself because of some legality issues. However, Facebook may resume its efforts to bring the Libra coin to market in future

Meta-owned Instagram is also working on the NFTs based initiative. In June of this year, Digital artist Sean Williams revealed that Instagram’s social media platform is working on the NFTs initiative and he will be the artist in the NFTs space artist list. However, the Instagram company didn’t passed any statement about it at that time. 

In the latest, Adam Mosseri- CEO at Instagram openly said that Instagram is working on NFTs integration but the company has nothing to announce about it. He stated:

“Nothing to announce yet but we are actively exploring NFTs and how we can make them more accessible to a broader audience.”

Through the statement, Adam tried to say that Instagram will bring an extended use case of the NFTs. However here it will be too early to consider anything about it in advance because no official announcement has been made by the company yet. 

In the past, a rumour was spreading in the crypto industry that Facebook bought a photo-sharing platform and there are huge chances that Facebook will enter the crypto NFTs industry with the help of the new platform. 

Meta Owned WhatsApp to crypto payments 

WhatsApp is also one of the giant social media platforms, which is owned by the Meta company. 

Recently, WhatsApp announced that it will allow crypto payments through the WhatsApp app directly. However, this new feature of WhatsApp crypto payment is limited to a particular number of users and a few states of the US. 

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