Hidden scammers in Tronlink may drain your whole funds: Scam alert

Hidden scammers in Tronlink may drain your whole funds: Scam alert 2

There are many types of scams associated with the services of the tronlink wallet. However, these scams are not part of the tronlink wallet services but people are misusing the features.

Tron is a popular blockchain network ecosystem and it is popularly known as a revolutionary crypto project of the industry because many crypto assets are lying on the Tron network and giving high-speed transactions easily over other crypto projects. 

The most popular crypto wallet in the Tron ecosystem is the Tronlink wallet, this wallet is available for both mobile and desktop types of users. 

TRC-10 and TRC-20 

Just like Ethereum’s ERC-20, TRC-20 is the Tron mainnet network. And TRC-10 is the Tron testnet network. 

As we know, Testnet is made to do experiments on how the Tron ecosystem works, and Mainnet is made for real project deployment. 

TRC-10 is available to use free of cost (however they may charge as per new rules, check at an official website about it) and TRC-20 charges huge funds to deploy any crypto token on the Tron network. 

Scam with TRC-10 tokens 

Almost 99% of people don’t know about TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens. And scammers are taking advantage of this lack of knowledge among Tronlink users. 

Usually, scammers send a better amount of TRC-10 based crypto assets to any random user and also they mention in the description of the token that every token is equivalent to a particular amount of TRX tokens, and users can swap their tokens into TRX coins easily through the third party XYZ Dapps. 

Many people got into greed to make free money and they followed the steps to swap TRC-10 tokens into TRX and in that mechanism of swapping the tokens, scammers access the permission of the user’s wallet to transfer USDT or any other asset, depending upon the type of cryptography and coding by the scammer.  

A person, who got into this scam, shared about this scam with Bitcoinik and said that all USDT funds in the Tronlink wallet were drained by the scammer. And his account’s permission got accessed by a third party Dapp. 

How to remain away from such scams? 

First of all, every crypto user needs to understand that no one will offer free money. And secondly, users should not follow those third-party Dapps, which are not recommended by the wallets. 

In particular, Tronlink users should not care about TRC-10 based crypto assets because these are not more than useless and scam assets. 

And also, we recommend every person not participate in any promotional giveaway running on Twitter or Facebook-like social media platforms.

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