forex expert says Bitcoin is a superior store of value

forex expert says Bitcoin is a superior store of value 2

 Forex expert Boris Schlossberg shared his stance on Bitcoin and appreciated Bitcoin as the best store of value to gold. 

Bitcoin grabbed attention almost in every money-making industry. Before crypto, forex and crypto at the top-level market to the date. However every market has its significance and its ideology to work but the majority of them are now showing their huge interest in crypto, especially in Bitcoin. 

Boris Schlossberg is an expert in the Forex industry with more than 20 years of experience. Through the recent statement, Boris predicted a very bullish future for Bitcoin. 

Through an article, Boris noted that universal adoption and the current value of metric stores of value is a clear indication that Bitcoin grabbed its fundamental value. 

Further, Boris said that we can’t assume the value of Bitcoin by following the traditional metrics because bitcoin is not something that can generate income streams. 

Boris also pointed out that Bitcoin is now not only at number position in crypto but also it is at the top over gold because Bitcoin gives freedom to people to manage their portfolio.

However, it was much interesting that he said that Bitcoin and gold both are similar because both these two assets have no intrinsic value. But Bitcoin has the upper hand in comparison to gold.

“The portability advantage of Bitcoin is so immense that it may ultimately replace gold completely as a store of value. Although just like fiat, Bitcoin is a digital rather than a physical asset, unlike fiat, Bitcoin’s supply is constrained. Conceptually, Bitcoin is, in fact, a superior store of value to gold because its supply can never be expanded,” said Schlossberg.”

Boris noted that the offshore market has a $35 trillion valuation. And if we allocate this fund to bitcoin then the price of Bitcoin will surge by more than threefold. And besides these things, Bitcoin has many upsides that can increase the price of this King coin. 

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