Ethereum buyers are surging in the UK: Survey

Ethereum buyers are surging in the UK: Survey 3

A survey report of found a 1% surge in Ethereum Investors in the United Kingdom in only Q4 2021. While worldwide adoption is getting down for Ethereum.

Crypto adoption is surging rapidly. But investors are going with which crypto Investment, is a big matter for the people because it gives them the confidence to go with a perfect one in the long term and better stability against the fluctuations also, to some degree. surveyed in October 2021, after that it conducted another survey for December 2021. In December 2021, survey found that UK crypto Investors are standing at third position in the whole world in terms of holding maximum Ethereum. 

Survey data found that crypto investors holding surged by 1% (5.2% to 6.1%) within 3 months of last year. So Ethereum was top in this list to get support from the retail investors in UK.

UK crypto Investors are now at the third position after Australian and Singapore crypto investors, in terms of holding crypto assets. UK crypto Investors consolidated Investment in ETH by 32.9%. In the holdings of Ripple (XRP) tokens, there is 17.4% investor consolidation.

However one thing is negative for the Ethereum blockchain network supporter, that is worldwide adoption. The survey found that the adoption rate of Ethereum in 27 countries decreased from 28.7% to 24.4%. However, UK investors are showing better demand in Ethereum but overall global Ethereum ownership is getting down. It may be because of the dominance of the other alternative blockchain networks like Solana, Binance, Cardano, etc. 

For the biggest crypto, Bitcoin, people are showing global support by a very big amount with a total of 42.8%. However, it is showing small weakness because of a small plunge in the dominance ratio in the crypto industry.

Besides the investment in the top two crypto-assets. People showed better support for Solana. Investment in Solana surged by 15%, on the other hand, Doge saw only a 1% gain. 

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