EOS community will not pay 67M EOS to BlockOne’ Brock Pierce

EOS community will not pay 67M EOS to BlockOne' Brock Pierce 4

The community of the EOS coin project decided that they will not release 67 million EOS to Block.one and Brock Pierce. 

In the last month, we covered a report on EOS and explained how the work within the EOS crypto project is not going well. According to the EOS community member, BlockOne- the core developer company of the EOS blockchain project worked nothing in the last few years and they worked only to make money from the financial transactions with the EOS funds. And also decided to remove Block.One from the EOS project. 

Recently, the EOS community agreed that they will give 45 million EOS to Helios, Led by Brock Pierce. With the aim that Helios will work to push the EOS blockchain project adoption to the next level through development and collaboration.

“Today we are pleased to announce that we have agreed to transfer 45 million EOS tokens to Helios”

But now, a Twitter user- citing this matter revealed that the EOS community is not going to pay EOS 37 million EOS tokens. 

Through the number of tweets, Twitter users explained that the EOS community is a perfect example of how a DAO community can work perfectly. 

Through the number of tweets, Twitter users tried to explain that the EOS community doesn’t want any kind of financial loss because Helios is associated with Brock and that was only a strategy to sell EOS tokens at discount. 

In this ongoing case in the EOS blockchain project, Block.One claimed that 45 million EOS tokens are not under the control of the company. Because only Eight million of the tokens were already vested and controlled by Block.one while 37 million are still vesting (meaning they haven’t been released by the network yet).” 

In actuality, the whole matter is to acquire the ownership of the whole EOS blockchain network, but surely the EOS network foundation did well to sustain the future of EOS. 

The ENF director, Yves La Rose, wrote about this matter on Twitter and described a new purpose as a win for the community of EOS. 

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