Elon Musk Is believes To Become The World’s First “Dogecoin Trillionaire”

Elon Musk Is believes To Become The World’s First “Dogecoin Trillionaire” 2

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla with his unconventional and slightly strange viewpoint, has already become the richest man in the world, thanks to the dominance of his electric car manufacturing firm Tesla. While the observers further believe that his new space research organization, SpaceX, will push him to the status of a legendary trillionaire.

Following this, the Twitter account UberFacts tweeted: “Elon Musk is expected to become the world’s first trillionaire, thanks to his space research organization SpaceX.”

Surprisingly, as always the multi-billionaire never missed out on an opportunity to bring his favourite dog-inspired cryptocurrency on stage and thus Musk responded, to the tweet”* in Dogecoin”.

Musk has a net worth of $249 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The fortunes of the business giant have skyrocketed in recent months due to the rise in Tesla’s stock prices. The shares of EV Company Tesla on Friday touched the new lifetime highs of over $900 per share.

Although it’s hard to appreciate trillions of dollars when talking about one’s total value, so we can include it in perspective. According to current assets holdings, Musk’s current holding is worth more than New Zealand’s gross domestic product (GDP). And suppose if he plans to join the four-comma club, you can now imagine how many countries he will surpass in terms of their GDP.

As always, as soon as musk made reference to Dogecoin which in turn is loved by the Dogecoin followers. In an hour, the crypto price rose by about 6%. At the time of writing this post, the meme coin was already trading at $0.246.
In July, Musk had revealed that he personally owns various other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum including Dogecoin. However, he became known as a regular participant in the Dogecoin community due to his constant support. The Tesla CEO had previously indicated that the SpaceX Lunar Mission, funded by Dogecoin, would take place in 2022. In addition to treating DOGE as a payment option, the self-proclaimed Dogfather Musk has also proposed various development ideas that will help improve the meme token and its further trail towards Bitcoin’s position in the market.

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