Dogecoin Is Superior to Shiba Inu and Bitcoin, Elon Musk supports

Dogecoin Is Superior to Shiba Inu and Bitcoin, Elon Musk supports 2

A Dogecoin developer shared a meme on crypto. Meme directly hints that DogeCoin is a better option over other payment options.

This year, DogeCoin created a very big history and also Doge inspired few meme coins for example Shiba inu, Dogelon etc. As we know, the current trend in crypto is still going with the Shiba Inu coin but the real game-changer is DogeCoin in terms of payment options. 

Billy Markus, the past developer at DogeCoin, shared a meme on Twitter. Meme includes three coins and three coins have corresponding fees for transactions. 

  • Doge = Fraction of penny 
  • Bitcoin = $3.5 
  • Shib = $54 

Through the shared image by Markus, indicates which one is the perfect option to use in the payment options. After the post of this picture, Elon Musk supported Billy Markus by liking the post.

It is worth noting, Markus just tried to show a mirror to the community of the Shiba inu coin and also tried to claim that there are no use cases with the Shiba inu coin. 

cIs Shiba inu a disaster over another crypto? 

It is worth it to note, Shiba inu is that coin that surpassed Bitcoin and also Ethereum at a few exchanges. But if we look at the use cases then we will find that it is just a tradable asset only. 

However, the Shiba community has its swap and also a big community. But here the picture posted by the DogeCoin developer, clearly shows that we can not adopt Shiba inu except for trading. 

The community of Shiba inu coin is big and also many big crypto players are supporting it. In the latest, KuCoin CEO said that the Shiba coin is best to hold for the long term and we should not take care about the current correction. 

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