DogeCoin inspired “Dogelon Mars” gains 4000% by October

DogeCoin inspired "Dogelon Mars" gains 4000% by October 5

Dogelon Mars coin gained huge profit amid an increasing trend of meme coins in the crypto space. 

After the support of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla & SpaceX, DogeCoin surged rapidly and made many people millionaires. But in the trend of DogeCoin, Elon Musk gave shoutouts to the Shiba Inu and Floki like pets and that acted as a catalyst to pump these named coins also. 

After the success of DogeCoin because of Elon Musk’s support, many people entered this space with their own crypto launch.  “Dogelon Mars” is one of the DogeCoin inspired crypto assets. Dogelon coin gained a huge surge.

On Saturday, Elon ( Dogelon) touched $0.00000233 ( highest). However, at the time of writing this article, Elon has a current price of $0.000001888. 

According to reports, Dogelon grabbed huge attention from the crypto market Investors because of the DogeCoin Mars name. In October, the market cap of Dogelon surged $26milliom to $1.19 billion. So Dogelon is at 92nd position in the top crypto assets list. 

Listing of Dogelon on 

Dogelon grabbed the topmost level of attention from the Investors on 29-30 October because Dogelon got listed on & OKEx exchange. 

As we know, is a top-level crypto service platform. Recently hit 5th position in the top download apps in the iOS application store in the United States. So we can understand how much Dogelon grabbed attention at a high level. 

It seems, Elon Musk started a new concept based Era by mistake where people are taking advantage. Even Shiba inu like coins beat DogeCoin in Market Cap. There are huge chances that Dogelon may cross DogeCoin also by its market cap because at present DogeCoin is in between Shiba inu & Dogelon. 


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