Democratic Party of Texas will use NFTs sales to raise funds

Front Row platform said that they are partnering with the Texas Democratic party so that they can help the politicians and individuals to raise funds. 

In the present time, Non Fungible Tokens based concept is expanding in different areas to introduce new ideas to collect funds in this crypto space. In the latest, Coinbase exchange announced the launch of NFTs marketplace for their users. But this latest report clearly shows that NFTs is no longer limited to crypto or non-crypto investors, it is expanding its boundaries toward political activities. 

Front Row, a marketplace dedicated to help the organisation, is geared up to help the politicians of the Democracy political party of Texas.

At present, Front Row didn’t explain how they will go through it and how they will raise funds for the politician. But for now they minted NFTs of “wanted” posters depicting conservative Texan lawmakers fleeing the state.

Front also added that the whole raised fund will go to the democratic party and individuals only. And all will take place under the rules & regulations guidelines imposed by the campaign finance law.

Under the official government laws, no one candidate can receive funds more than $5,800 from a single person through one or more NFTs sales. 

Parker Butterworth, co-founder of Front Row, stated that NFTs becoming a most powerful way to raise the fund for party and further added

“NFTs will become a powerful addition to any political fundraising effort, and the launch of our marketplace will give Democrats across the country a fundraising advantage that its counterparts do not have,”

Front Row also confirmed that they will not only raise funds for the organisation but also they will raise and donate the fund to the “carbon capture and reduction” areas to reduce the carbon footprint level issues because of crypto mining operations.

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