crypto lender Nexo partners with Fidelity Digital Assets

crypto lender Nexo partners with Fidelity Digital Assets 2

Crypto lending platform, Nexo established a partnership with the fidelity Digital Assets to give products and services to institutional investors. 

In the present time, Crypto lending platforms are the best options for those crypto investors, who have the vision to hold their crypto assets in the long run. Nexo is also one of the best crypto pending firms, which operates its crypto-related services in the crypto industry under multiple regulatory guidelines based licenses.

On 7 December, Nexo announced that they are going to work in collaboration with the Fidelity Digital Assets firm. 

Under this partnership agreement, all the institutional investors, which are using the services and products of the Fidelity Digital Assets, will be able to use the product and services of the Nexo platform also. So we can say services of both the firms under a single roof. 

Nexo said through the announcement that this partnership will fill the bridge gap between Nexo’s lending and Fidelity’s assets protection business. 

Kalin Metodiev, the co-founder at Nexo, said that both crypto players did partnership because there was a need to provide better custody to the funds of the institutional investors.

“what brought Nexo and Fidelity Digital Assets together was that we felt the pressing need to directly address institutional investors’ challenge of safely storing digital assets, which has historically limited the large players from entering the space”

Further, Kalin said that they are working on those crypto-related services which are not available in the crypto industry, and also they are doing more on this initiative with collaboration. 

In the present time, as per records, the Nexo platform facilitated around $50 billion worth of crypto transactions among worldwide users of 2.5 million. And Fidelity firm is working to push crypto-inclined services to make it better for institutional investors. 

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