Crypto Exchange FTX moved headquarter to Bahamas

Crypto Exchange FTX moved headquarter to Bahamas 2

Largest derivatives crypto exchange finally moved its headquarters  from Hong Kong to the Bahamas.

Earlier this week, FTX crypto exchange filed a registration with the securities & exchange Commission of Bahamas as a digital assets firm. 

Due to the increasing scruinities issues by the regulators, FTX exchange decided to move at a perfect place where operations of FTX exchange remain unaffected and also FTX exchange don’t need to establish a relationship with regulators. 

In the present time countries such as Australia, Japan, and South Africa are taking highly restricted additional rules. So by taking such references, a spokesperson of FTX exchange, Natalie Tien, stated on this matter clearly and said 

“We are committed to maintaining a close working relationship with local regulators to help promote the growth of crypto and we are further committing to providing all our clients with a safe, trustworthy and compliant exchange”

At the present time, FTX exchange has its headquarters in San Francisco, California also. FTX like crypto exchanges knows very well that new rules of US regulators are a big concern for Derivatives exchanges, so it is better to take steps in advance.

As per 23 September tweet, FTX exchange gained growth by around 5%.

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