Coinbase mobile app crosses all apps In the US

Coinbase mobile app crosses all apps In the US 3

Increasing crypto adoption can be seen through the increasing downloads of the crypto apps in the AppStore platforms in the United States. 

Coinbase is the most popular crypto exchange in the United States and this exchange is popularly known for its operations under full compliance. 

Recent records show that Coinbase’s app downloads on the iOS App Store crossed all apps in “numbers of downloads”. So Coinbase is at number 1 position. 

However, we can see another app of crypto, which is by “Crypto wallet & Exchange”. is trending at no. 5. 

Coinbase mobile app crosses all apps In the US 2

Why surge in crypto apps download? 

This huge tremendous increase in the download of such kinds of apps is a clear indication that people want to get into crypto. 

And it all happened because of Bitcoin futures ETF products approval by the SEC agency this month.

Recently, FTX exchange also commented on this matter and said that the steps of US regulators to approve bitcoin-backed products is a clear sign of the adoption of crypto space in the United States going on. The CEO of the FTX exchange claimed that US regulators will make crypto-based operations and services better to use for their citizens, with their perfect regulation. And FTX company also looking to expand their business in the United States because of the better-regulated ecosystem for crypto business. 

Coinbase Vs US regulators 

Perhaps, Coinbase is at the top and also popular in top-level crypto companies in the United States but the situation of Coinbase is not much better against US regulators. 

Recently, Coinbase exchange’ CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted about the working system of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and claimed that regulators are not protecting crypto Investors, they are only attacking this space. 

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