Coinbase CEO says SEC won’t meet with the firm

Coinbase CEO says SEC won’t meet with the firm 2

Brian Armstrong stated that the Securities Exchange and Commission don’t meeting with Coinbase while other 50% officials of Washington know very well about the associated risk with Crypto but still want to meet with the firm.

On 24 September, In an interview on Best Business Show, hosted by Anthony Pompliano, Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong talked about the problem that they are facing by the end of SEC without any reason. 

Brian said that when Coinbase exchange went into public listing, then almost every government authority’s regulators were willing to meet with the firm. But there was one government authority, the SEC , which was not willing to meet with the firm. 

“I reached out to the SEC. I tried to get a meeting with them. They told me that they weren’t meeting with any crypto companies.”

Brian also said that he was surprised that the SEC refused to meet with crypto companies. 

Brian further explained about the issues of Coinbase’s lending program of 4% of USDC lending program. Where SEC authority refused to give green single because they didn’t recognise the plan registered securities and also they didn’t explain why they didn’t do so. 

Through Pompliano’s show, Brian Armstrong tried to explain how the SEC authority is not very cooperative with the crypto industry, even Gary Gensler like high profile people, who even teaches about crypto In MIT. 

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