Cardano team doubles the bug Bounty program to ensure security of the blockchain node

Cardano team doubles the bug Bounty program to ensure security of the blockchain node 2

Cardano aimed to save the business and its customers with its double reward promotional program to the bug hunters in the blockchain network.

Cardano is the second biggest smart contract blockchain Network after Ethereum in the crypto Industry. Right now its a native token is revolving around the price of $1 down by 48% over the last 90 days. 

Recently Cardano Foundation, a nonprofit organization behind the Cardano Blockchain network, announced that “Foundation Doubles Reward Offered to Hackers for Uncovering Bugs on Its Blockchain”. 

Right now Cardano is promoting its bug Bounty program with more eagerness from 14 Feb to 25 March, which means 6 weeks promotional Bug Bounty program. Which aimed to pay $20,000 maximum to discover bugs in the blockchain network ,per bug.

“bounty hunters that identify critical vulnerabilities in the Cardano Node will be paid a maximum of $20,000.”

The white hat hackers, who will discover the smallest critical bug will get at least $800. While the bug discovered in the wallet will be eligible to get $15,000 under the Bug Bounty program. And if any person, will find any bug but is not critical then that person will get a total of $600.

Through the announcement, the Cardano foundation confirmed that such efforts are only to push Cardano to a better ecosystem in the crypto and blockchain industry.

“six-week promotion, The Cardano Foundation suggested that finding vulnerabilities is what can “keep our businesses and customers safe.”

If we will look at the adoption level then all factors are hinting that Cardano needed to increase more Bounty rewards against the bugs because Cardano is going to mainstream adoption in the Crypto industry. Day by day new defi protocols are starting their development works in the Cardano ecosystem to provide better services against the existing competitors like Ethereum based dexs. 

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