Cardano hits another milestone with 3M ADA wallet users

Cardano hits another milestone with 3M ADA wallet users 2

Cardano saw huge growth in the ADA wallet users with more than 3 million users. 

Cardano (ADA) is the 6th ranked crypto asset in the crypto Industry by 24 hours market cap volume. Cardano blockchain Network is known for its highly secured blockchain Network with better potential to handle the transactions traffic. The developer team behind this project remains always active to develop scalability and security-based works. 

On 4 February, the official Twitter account of the Cardano community announced that the official ADA wallet hitted 3 million wallets users. 

In May 2021, the first 1 million ADA wallets hitted successfully. After that within 8 months, ADA wallets users surged by more than 200%. 

According to a report by Kraken, the current increase in wallet users is 11,000 per day. While network growth is 1,348% over last year. 

Delegated wallet users surged by 870% per year, as per recent growth.

Cardano aims to push Defi protocols adoption 

Cardano backend developer team IOHK is working on the eUTXO (extended Unspent Transaction Output) model. If it will get done then the Cardano ecosystem will see huge Defi platforms deployment growth and also more users of the

Developers are working to remove those parts of the Defi platform that are not in use but still Defi protocol users are paying for the same. If developers complete their whole work then that will end up in a better result for the retail crypto traders to facilitate transactions at a very low cost. 

Before the end of January 2022, Cardano also hit more than 1,000 Defi Protocols development in the Cardano ecosystem. These things are showing that Cardano is moving toward another milestone in the future with a very big ecosystem.

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