Cardano founder Meets Zanzibar President on Cardano Africa Tour

Cardano founder Meets Zanzibar President on Cardano Africa Tour 2

Through Twitter, Charles Hoskinson indicates that his  Cardano tour of Africa was successful. 

Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of the Cardano project, recently visited Africa. After the Africa tour, he shared a picture with the political personalities of Zanzibar and that shows clearly how Charles got success under the tour. 

On 25 October, Charles Hoskinson shared a picture with the president of Zanzibar. And there are a few other businessmen & heads of Zanzibar, as we can see in the tweet below. 

In the present time, Hussein Ali Mwinyi is at the eighth president post of Zanzibar. 

As part of the CiTi event, Charles Hoskinson flew from the United States to Cape Town on 15 October. The main purpose of the CiTi event was to meet up with the heads of Zanzibar and discuss the adoption of blockchain technology & advancement through the adoption of blockchain-based innovations. 

Charles Hoskinson pushing adoption through meeting

However, Charles Hoskinson is the founder and creator of the Cardano project but besides all these Charles always tried to bring the adoption of ADA coin for any country/organisation at the official level. 

In the past, he also visited Kenya and Ethiopia. The ongoing tour of Egypt will end in a few days. 

We can’t forget the efforts of Charles Hoskinson when he was in meeting & contact with the officials of El Salvador to adopt Cardano’ native coin ADA alongside Bitcoin as a legal tender because of its huge advantage. Unfortunately, he failed but we should not ignore the high level existing adoption of the Cardano asset. 

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