Cardano Alonzo sees 100 smart contracts in first 24 hours

Cardano Alonzo sees 100 smart contracts in first 24 hours 2

After the Alonzo Hardfork on the Cardano mainnet, there are huge numbers of smart contract based DApp are running. 

As we know that on 12 September, Alonzo harfork event took place on the Cardano mainnet network and after that Smart contract feature was introduced successfully on the Cardano network. Now there are many projects which utilize the feature of Smart contract.

Chalres Hoskinson, Ceo and founder of Cardano, claimed that it is hard work of 6 year struggle in the blockchain technology

“This upgrade is the culmination of six years of incredibly hard work with some of the brightest minds in blockchain and beyond”

Charles Hoskinson further added that they will look forward to enhancing the Cardano project in every manner, so that they can make their platform better to use in practical life use and also the governments and institutions can easily adopt it. 

“The focus is now on improving the platform further, and ensuring that Cardano is adopted by corporations and governments”

After that, Charles shared about the success of Cardano’s Alonzo harfork. And claimed that more than 100 smart contract feature based projects are running and this happened in less than 24 hours, after the upgrade of the Cardano network. 

“In less than 24 hours, over 100 smart contracts have already been run on the network.”

And then Charles emphasized at the point of future development work on the Cardano. He claimed that they will further do development work on Cardano, which will bring life changing experience for several millions of people in the world.

“This time next year, there will be useful, and in some cases, life-changing, decentralised applications running on the system which will transform the lives of millions to billions of people throughout the next decade,”

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