Cardano (ADA) founder goals for 2022 in the crypto industry

Cardano (ADA) founder goals for 2022 in the crypto industry 2

Charles Hoskinson shared his ambition with the Cardano project for next year. 

Cardano is the best most Stabelcoin blockchain network of the crypto industry and this coin is popularly known as the best blockchain network after Ethereum. However the current trend is not going with Cardano but still, most of the Defi crypto Platforms are considering the Cardano blockchain network. 

Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano project and CEO of IOHK, shared his plans on Cardano blockchain for next year, this Christmas Eve. 

 The Cardano founder said that he wants to reach out the money credit to all the people in the world, who are backward, with the use of blockchain technology of the Cardano network. 

“My goal for the second half of 2022 is to figure out how to put all the pieces together to get an end-to-end microfinance transaction on Cardano”

Charles also noted that giving financial power to the people in the continent of Africa will be better for them because traditional financial methods do not have much better potential. He added:

“It’s permissionless, and you can’t shut it off once that’s happened. It opens up a thousand conversations…what’s a good identity? What’s a good credit score? What other products and services should exist in the real (real finance) space in Africa? And how do we spread this across all of Africa? That’s the dream.”

Further Charles said that Cardano will link its network with many institutions and also will bring open-source projects like Hyperledger to Linux.

Cardano founder also noted that they are moving from the correctness of the project to new use cases because to have correctness in Cardano Ecosystem was a much-needed thing but as correctness is achieved, so Cardano will move toward optimization, usability, and these factors.

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