Blockchain.Com Processed $1T Crypto Transaction, Plans For IPO

Blockchain.Com Processed $1T Crypto Transaction, Plans For IPO 2 wallet is getting better success in their business model and now they are planning to go public in the US. is a web, app & desktop based bitcoin wallet which gives facility for the users to store BTC, ETH, PAX & XLM. This exchange also supports many types of technical features needed for crypto users including trading facilities for limited numbers of crypto tokens. Earlier this wallet entered in this space under domain name but later they acquired domain name. In the past two year they got better success in their business model.

The CFO of, Macrina Kgil, shared the success of their services through the institutional blog. 

According to Kgil, facilitates around $1 trillion worth of crypto transactions in between the real crypto users. And this is only the calculation made on the wallet to wallet transactions. There is still a huge amount of crypto transactions made on their integrated trading platform. 

“We recently hit a major milestone at, surpassing more than $1 trillion in crypto transacted on our platform. To put that number into context, we’ve handled nearly a third of all bitcoin network transactions since 2012”

 Macrina Kgil believes that the success of is only because of the adoption of trends with time. Their company adapted to the changes in this industry over the time. 

Kgil shared three main things about what success they achieved in the last two years.  

First thing they achieved is 76 million users. Second thing is that they made their services to establish better relationships with the institutional investors to give better exposure to the bitcoin Investment. And the third thing is their success in achieving a huge boost in their brokerage and exchange business in the last six month because of the heat in the market.

Kgil also revealed that they want to follow the steps of Coinbase & Robinhood. They want to improve their position among North American investors. And it can take around 1.5 years.

“An IPO is possibly 18-months or more away”

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