Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash are the worst crypto: Forexsuggest

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash are the worst crypto: Forexsuggest 5

Recent research on the flagship crypto assets revealed that top crypto assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Ethereum are threats to environmental health. 

If we talk about the crypto-based benefits and advantages then there are many but when we come to discuss the issue that caused the blockchain-based operations then there are many. For a while, better legislation can control the illegal use of the crypto but environmental issues because the crypto assets can’t be easily controlled, in particular with Bitcoin. 

Recent research on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash by the Forexsuggest said that these three assets are the worst crypto over others in terms of environmental health issues. 

Forexsuggest used the data provided by Statista, Business Insider India, Laptop Mag, and other sources to make the research better.

BTC, ETH, BCH vs another crypto 

According to a report, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two top worst cryptos that consume high hash rate power. 

Bitcoin generated around 56.8 million tons of CO2 in 2021 only. And if we want to neutralize this impact then we need 284.1 million trees. 

Researchers report suggested indirectly to the Bitcoin miners towards tree plantation initiative as responsible citizens.

On the other hand,  Ethereum causes less environmental pollution but still, it will remain at second position in terms of worst crypto assets blockchain network. As per data available 22 million tons of CO2 ,this year was generated by Ethereum and it requires almost 110 million new trees to neutralize the impact.

If we talk about Bitcoin Cash, which entered the crypto industry in the 2017 Bitcoin fork. However, it is less responsible for the pollution but increasing adoption of the Bitcoin Cash network is responsible for the increase in environmental issues. 

The chart below is showing the record increase in environmental pollution because of all flagship crypto blockchain networks.

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