BBA pushes crypto regulatory advisory guidelines for lawmakers

BBA pushes crypto regulatory advisory guidelines for lawmakers 2

The Boston Blockchain Association published a regulation framework based regulatory guidelines as a suggestion for the lawmakers of Massachusetts.

The Boston-based media house Media Shower, the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Boston Blockchain Association are working together to make crypto adoption & crypto based framework, which can give better results for the crypto companies and government of Massachusetts.

On 20 September BBA, Media Shower & Digital Commerce published regulatory suggestions based guidelines for lawmakers in the state.

The release Toolkit by these associations, aimed to help the crypto industry as well as lawmakers of Massachusetts. 

In the regulatory toolkit, organisations mainly focused on the regulatory framework on tax laws, regulatory sandboxes, and the creation of a working group to study blockchain technology.

In the release announcement, the organisation said that this regulatory guideline is similar to the regulatory guidelines which was proposed by the Texas Blockchain Council for the Texas regulators.

According to recent reports, lawmakers of Massachusetts are currently doing study and research on the crypto and blockchain-focused pieces of legislation including Senate Bill 200. 

So, here BBA, Media Shower & Digital Commerce are just working at their best to not to see any kind of unfavourable crypto law by the lawmakers of Massachusetts.

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