American citizens are showing 27% more interest in crypto over 2021

American citizens are showing 27% more interest in crypto over 2021 2

The latest survey revealed that the majority of American citizens are now willing to enter the crypto industry over last year.

Despite huge volatility and lack of regulation, crypto adoption is increasing day by day. If we take a look at the people from developed countries, then numbers of people are increasing more rapidly, which are planning to buy crypto assets. 

The last two surveys confirmed that interest to buy crypto by Americans is rapidly increasing. A survey conducted in 2021 found that 27% of Americans want to buy crypto assets. While the recent survey conducted by Voyager Digital found that the same percentage increased and hit 67%. 

Voyager Digital is a publicly-traded digital assets platform. Through its recent survey, the firm found that despite huge volatility and an increasing regulatory system, the crypto industry is not able to drag people back to get into this industry. 

The survey revealed that 2 out of 3 people in America are calling themself crypto bull, while 61% are considering getting into crypto. Survey didn’t disclose the exact numbers of the people participating but it surely said that there was a huge increase in the percentage of American citizens. 

One interesting thing that survey revealed, people are not willing to go with the wastage of time/money for luxurious things in their lifestyle, instead, they want to go with crypto investments first. The majority of the respondents said that they will give priority to crypto investment over buying mutual funds, travelling by plane, buying a new car, buying a new house, and starting a romantic relationship.

In terms of the crypto education push, 66% of people said that students should be taught about crypto in school. And 33% of respondents said that crypto education should be provided by schools before middle school. 

Around 50% of the people asserted that they can go blindly with crypto investments if they will come to know about crypto more perfectly. That means, 50% of people are interested in crypto but are not fully able to understand how it works, so they are sceptical about the future of crypto Investment.

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