a former banker eliminates generational curse of poverty with crypto

Bitcoin holding key levels

A former banker claimed that the crypto industry is a tool that gives chances to people to fight against poverty. 

Despite huge volatility, crypto industry adoption is surging year by year. Here people are losing money and also making money, but the majority of them are here to make money and have a full belief with this industry that they can grab that amount of money, which they didn’t expect in their life with traditional methods. 

Brenda Gentry, a former USAA mortgage underwriter from Texas, shared how the crypto industry changed her life. Brenda said that crypto gives an option for people to fight against financial challenges like generational poverty. 

Brenda left her job as a banker and she is full-time in crypto investment, because she believes that there is more for her to make, so that she can make her better with more revenue. 

She started investment in this crypto industry in 2020. Right now she is running his own Gentry Media Productions. This media production is an advisory service to find out and guide people to invest in best finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT) projects. With this business, she is making around $50,000 per month. 

Brenda shared his story with a crypto news website Cointelegraph. She said: 

“It was early 2020 during the lockdown. I bought Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Link on Coinbase. When I started, I almost gave up multiple times. I just want to help others have a more streamlined way to get into crypto.”

Brend also said that she always researches crypto projects specially Defi, to figure out the perfect Digital asset to invest in and also learn about the curves ( market up and down graph) to educate people. 

“I’m also hosting seminars to educate the general public about navigating in this space and things to look out for when searching for good NFT projects or Defi tokens, and also how to quickly detect scams or rug pulls,” Brenda added

Brend and her partner Imani said that this interest in crypto came from a friend’s discussion on crypto. 

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