77% of Russian investors prefer Bitcoin instead of hype products: Survey

77% of Russian investors prefer Bitcoin instead of hype products: Survey 2

A survey conducted in the Russian citizens to check out their point of view on crypto Investment. These reports revealed many shocking facts. 

A Russia’s Association of Forex Dealers (AFD), conducted a crypto survey in Russia on locals. The survey was conducted among the local 502 Russian investors to figure out the actual situation and intention of the Russians for which thing they opt for the Investment.

According to this survey, around 77% Russians are interested in Bitcoin, Litecoin like crypto assets instead of hype based projects & assets. 

The report also claims that 8.8% of Russians considered Gold as a better Investment option instead of crypto. And 14% prefer to invest in “familiar national currencies.”

Those Russian who were totally against the Crypto Investment were around 7.6%.

Only 23% of people didn’t try to get into crypto. And more than 77% of the 23%, are willing to Invest in digital assets soon in future. 

Rest of 15% of the users said that they didn’t make any kind of financial decision of Investment on crypto whether they will invest or not.

This survey of AFD was released on 31 August. And they are planning to send this survey report to the Bank of Russia and the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets.

The central bank of Russia, many times warned their citizens to remain away from crypto Investment.

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